Shenyang BYA Technology
Contact:Yee Lee
Tel: 024-25366534-25366534
Main product: lubricant additives
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Name:Shenyang BYA Technology
Category:Individual (Sole proprietorship)
Trade Category: Manufacturer
Registered Time:2017
Registered Capital:US$501 Thousand - US$1 Million
Legal Representative:Lee
Employees:11 - 50 People
Address:No.23, Honghuer Street, Tiexi District,
Product/Service:lubricant additives

Shenyang Baoyian(BYA for short) Technology is a high-tech professional manufacturer of lubricating oil and grease additives.  BYA has always been working on researching&developing, producing various kinds of lubricant additives and special anti-wear energy-saving additives, obtaining 27 new material national patents, and the applications of BYA additives are covering many industrial fields including engine oils, metal working fluids and Oilfield drilling. BYA company has strong technical strength and is a qualified supplier of CNOOC, some national military enterprises and CSIC. BYA products have achieved very good reputations from domestic and foreign customers because of excellent performances, scientific formulation and stable quality.


BYA company has achieved many patent products of national proprietary intellectual property rights, and BYA products include organic nitrogen-molybdenum fullerene compound, borate ester containing nitrogen, sulfur phosphorus free organomolybdenum compound, oxidized graphene and organotitanium compound, which are new energy-conservation and environmental-protection additives. The better reputation and widespread applications of BYA products have been recognized by the users from COSL, CSIC, NGAC, Huadian Wind Power, Guangdong Fuhua East Bridge, Shenzhen Foxconn, high-speed railway, military industry, etc. BYA company has been constantly promoting new technologies and products servicing and benefiting chemical industry, energy conservation, environmental protection fields. BYA also gained ISO 9001, 14001 certificate.

Since being put into the market, Organic nitrogen-molybdenum fullerene compound and Sulfur phosphorus Free organomolybdenum compound have been widely used in about 100 Chinese lubricating oil enterprises as the main formulation components of high-end and high-performance lubricants, and exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and many other foreign countries. BYA antiwear additives in small packages have been used in thousands of Chines engines winning good praise. After 3 months of fuel-saving experiment in Jiangsu Gas, the fuel-saving rate of real vehicles reached more than 5%. In the emission reduction experiment in Qingdao Port, the emission reduction of real vehicles reached more than 35%.

BYA products could be widely used in various lubricating working conditions of engine oils, hydraulic oils, greases, gear oils, metalworking fluids and other lubricants. BYA products have been proved to significantly boost lubricant performances, improve FEI, effectively protect equipments and prolong the oil changing periods, which could satisfy the increased requirements of higher-grade additives for updated lubricants.

Our company is doing our best to provide best support and service for the development of worldwide lubricant production and automobile users! BYA products are always keeping pace with the current advanced lubricant market!